Beloved Ones – A Poem

I see the ocean within the breeze that blows,
The sun behind the rain that flows,
And seasons falling gently;
Never holding hands, simply grazing past
To let their sibling take centre stage:
Spring of birth and summer haze.
I saw the rose bud plucked and thrown
And trees so proud in rain or snow
Become cut and torn; I heard them cry,
My own tears and those of birds that fly.
The bluebird needs a home that’s safe.
The children need a hiding place
Where the air is full of heart and soul,
Where on the other side are creatures tall
And strong, free from human hands,
But our hearts still protect their lands
From afar. So that those who grace the ice
And the desert heat to lead a life
Stay by our side and underneath one sun:
Our dearest friends, beloved ones.

By Lucy O’Farrelly, January 2022


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