Beloved Ones – A Poem

I see the ocean within the breeze that blows,The sun behind the rain that flows,And seasons falling gently;Never holding hands, simply grazing pastTo let their sibling take centre stage:Spring of birth and summer haze.I saw the rose bud plucked and thrownAnd trees so proud in rain or snowBecome cut and torn; I heard them cry,My… Continue reading Beloved Ones – A Poem

Lavender – A Short Story

The first perfume has no bottle, no receipt or shopping basket. The very first perfume is made from crushed Lavender leaves, pulled from a neighbour’s front garden on a Saturday morning before the word ‘Lavender’ has even entered our vocabulary. We pull the leaves and the tiny, dusky-purple buds and hold them both in our… Continue reading Lavender – A Short Story

Girl Talk – The Fuel of Female Friendships

‘Girl talk’ is defined in the dictionary (who knew) as ‘conversation between women or girls, typically about subjects considered to be uninteresting to or inappropriate for men’. This is understandable – pre-drinks on a pre-lockdown girls night out would often include a rundown of the latest Bumble dates, work dramas too elaborate for a lunch… Continue reading Girl Talk – The Fuel of Female Friendships


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